Ostankino Tower is going to suspend operation temporarily since March, 26

Due to the Moscow Mayor decree, dated 25.03.2020 №28, for prevention of spread of the coronavirus infecrion (2019-nCoV) in Moscow, it is temporarily suspended to visit the Ostankino TV Tower.

Ostankino Tower will take part in Earth Hour action

On March, 28, the Ostankino Tower will go out for one hour in support of the Earth ecology. From 20:30 to 21:30, decorative external lights of the TV tower will be being turned off, there will left only barrage lights in the antenna part and on balconies.

Ostankino Tower in AR mode

In a new special application named "Discover Moscow" you can use AR navigation and see the tallest building in Europe 5, 10 or 20 years ago. In addition you are able to discover amazing events that happened in the past.
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By public transport:

“VDNkh” Metro station, T№ 13, T15 bus “Excursionniy korpus telebashni" stop, № 36, 73 trolleybus “Ulitca Akademika Korolyova” stop. Main entrance is located on the Novomoskovskaya Street side.
“Mariina Roscha” Metro station № T13, T15, 24  bus “Excursionniy korpus telebashni” stop.
«Alekseevskaya» Metro station - № 561, 379, М9 bus «Ulitca Akademika Korolyova» stop
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Chargeable city parking on the
Novomoskovskaya street. Main entrance is located
on the Novomoskovskaya Street side.

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