Ostankino TV Tower is the highest building in Europe. Moreover it is a unique architectural and engineering masterpiece usually recognized as a valuable part of Russian inheritance. Equipped with modern high-tech tools and program soft interactive multimedia complex allows visitors to get acquainted with special technical features of one of the greatest constructions of the USSR epoch. Furthermore our guest will get a wonderful opportunity to dive into fascinating world of TV and radio and to get a lot of captivating information about world towers.
Interactive multimedia complex includes analytical modules and historical museum, located on the first floor of the tower and on observation deck at 337 meters height.

Interactive multimedia complex is available for visitors during the Ostankino TV Tower working hours every day, rain or shine.

“Time river” exposition

Our guests have a great chance to immerse throughout the history of mankind attaining great heights. They are also able to know about tower’s constructing process and witness indispensable achievements of Soviet engineers.


“Average daily weather indicators” module.

Interactive information module allows visitors to gain latest data about average daily key weather indicators (weather, precipitation, wind and atmospheric pressure).

“Thunderstorms and lightnings” module.

Interactive information module depicts interesting data about thunderstorm and lightening around the Ostankino TV Tower.
Ostankino TV Tower is looking forward to meeting you in interactive multimedia complex. We hope it will be special and memorable experience!