LOVE AT SEVENTH HEAVEN “Day of Family, Love and Fidelity”


On the Russian Day of Love, Ostankino TV Tower had offered to all willing persons to spend their free time in a special way within the scope of the unique program “Love at Seventh Heaven”, which was conducted at the territory of the main skyscraper of the country in several locations: the highest observation deck in Europe (337 meters) and open-air deck at the bottom of the tower.

This day, from 17:00 o’clock all willing persons may take part in the interactive program conducted at open-air deck at the bottom of the tower, in the national fun games with professional showman, guess-works, musical accompaniment and photographic zones with support of Ezhevika group.

In advance of the holiday, a competition was declared for the most courageous and vivid pairs who still plan or already brought themselves to a solid step in life and had created family. Winners of the competition were offered with a romantic photo session from the professional photographers, as well as make-up artists of Brow Art studio at the height of 337 meters with outstanding metropolitan view.

Moreover, this day special presentation program was organized for representatives of wedding industry with the leading specialists with support of the Russian Association of Sportive Structures (RASS) at the territory of the main national skyscraper.