113th birthday of Nikolay Nikitin - Ostankino Tower's creator

Nikolay Nikitin is a genius Soviet constructor and scientist, winner of the Lenin and Stalin prizes.

His contribution as an engineer and constructor is really invaluable for architectural science. Nikolai Nikitin took part in creation of such famous structures as the main building of Moscow State University, Luzhniki stadium and the monument-ensemble "Motherland Calls!", located in Volgograd.

But his main work, which has glorified N. Nikitin for centuries, is the Ostankino TV Tower. 53 years ago, Tower was the most advanced and hi-tech structure. Several innovative inventions were applied during its construction. Later these approaches became widely used in construction of high-rise buildings.

Today the Ostankino TV Tower is the tallest building in Europe. Every year it attracts hundreds of thousands tourists from all over the world.
In addition, the TV Tower remains the main Russian TV and radio broadcasting symbol.

This year the great Soviet constructor would have been 113 years old. In memory of its creator, a video card with the portrait of Nikolai Vasilyevich Nikitin and his great sentence: "Only the unprecedented is worthy of embodiment" will appear on the media facade of the Ostankino TV Tower.

You can see this video card on December, 15 from 00.00 to 22.00.