Ostankino Tower and digital tourist platform Russpass have become partners

Right now, during the creation their own route in Moscow, users of the RUSPASS platform can include the Ostankino TV Tower in the travel plan, learn about its history and get necessary information about it.

Partnership with RUSSPASS assumes placement of the Ostankino Tower's tourist services, for example, the interactive digital museum, special romantic date program at the 7th Heaven restaurant with rotating floors, and the unique child educational excursion. Our guests will be able to buy tickets with RUSSPASS platform after opening of the Tower. In addition, our capital sight will be included in special author's routes around Moscow, represented on russpass.ru.

In cooperation between RUSSPASS platform and the Ostankino Tower other joint activities are planned. From December, 17 to the end of this year, an information video about the RUSSPASS tourist platform might be seen on our media facade.

Additional information:
RUSSPASS, a new digital platform for tourists, was developed by Moscow government. It helps to plan your trip in Moscow and Russia quickly and easily. The service solves several key tasks: it promotes tourism to a new modern technological format, stimulates recovery of city and domestic tourism, offering unusual routes and services.