Ostankino TV Tower 50th anniversary post stamp.

Today ceremony of damping post stamp in honor of the Ostankino TV Tower 50th anniversary took place on the observation deck. The first deputy director of Russian TV&Radio broadcasting network Alexey Popov and deputy director of Russian post Inessa Galaktionova participated in the celebration event. It is the fourth time when post stamp is produced in honor of the Ostankino TV Tower. The first post stamp depicting the Ostankino TV Tower was released in 1967 when building was officially opened. 
There are 60 thousand stamps produced in total. Its price is 50 rubles for 1 stamp. Stamp introduces the Ostankino TV Tower with picturesque evening sky in its background, it is decorated by “50” digit. 
“There are many ties between Post and Television. Long time Post had being used by viewers as the main tool of feedback. Together we are aimed at history and culture preservation. It is not the first time when the Ostankino TV Tower is depicted on post stamp, the first post stamp was released in 1967. I strongly believe that it is a great tradition that we all have to maintain it in the future.”- Inessa Galaktionova said.