1st Moscow International Competition of Russian Folk Dance

November 11 and 12 in the Concert Hall «Korolevsky» was the 1st Moscow International Competition of Russian Folk Dance. The best dance groups from the whole country competed in several nominations and fought for the honor to participate in the anniversary festival «Throughout Russia they play roundelays» dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the birth of Tatiana Ustinova. Ostankino TV Tower once again provided a stage for the creativity of young performers. Preserving the cultural heritage and fostering love for its history in the youth remain important, so the tower supports new dimensions and provides everything necessary for events of this scale. One of the partners of the tower - the children's studio of TV presenters "Planet-TV" - took the material about the past contest. Representatives of different media came to the gala concert - the story came out even in Arabic. The coverage of such events reveals Russia not only from political and economic, but also from the cultural side, accentuating people's attention on Russian values and traditions.