110 th birthday anniversary of Nikolay Nikitin

December 15th is a special day for the Ostankino TV Tower. Today birthday of Nikolay Nikitin one of the greatest Soviet engineers and constructor of the Tower is celebrated. «The Motherland calls» sculpture in Volgograd, main building of Moscow State University, Ostankino TV Tower. Each building is special and unique. During constructing period some brand new technologies were used. Nikolay Nikitin was one of the first engineers who implemented method of reinforced concrete in building process, that is why he was often called «poet of reinforced concrete» by his colleagues. Nikolay Nikitin had made significant contribution to constructing technologies and world architecture development. This year the Ostankino TV Tower 50th anniversary was celebrated. One day Nikolay Nikitin stated that tower is durable enough to stay for more than 300 years. Consequently his concrete creature will keep inspiring us for a long time.