March 16, 1859, was born Alexander Popov

March 16, 1859, was born Alexander Popov. The great Russian scientist opened a new era in the development of science and technology — the era of radio electronics. May 7, 1895 at a meeting of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society A.S. Popov reported the first results of his work and demonstrated the radio receiver he designed. In less than a year, he created the whole set of equipment for wireless transmission of telegraph signals. Already in March 1896, at a meeting of the Russian Physico-Chemical Society, he handed over the world's first radiogram at a distance of about 250 m. Every year on May 7 we celebrate Radio Day. The streets of cities are named after the great inventor; it is assigned to many educational institutions. But, perhaps, the best monument to Alexander Popov is the grandiose development that his invention received. Ostankino TV tower is one of the most striking «consequences» of the discovery of A.S. Popov, since the main purpose of the largest communication company in Russia is the broadcast of radio and television programs for a multi-million audience of TV viewers and radio listeners in Moscow and the Moscow region. Without Popov’s great work and his interest in the applied Science, we would hardly have known about the possibilities that gave his discoveries!