The oldest employee of Ostankino TV tower retires

Anatoly Volkov worked at Ostankino TV tower for more than 50 years, has grown more than one generation of engineers and set an example as a conscientious and industrious employee. At the beginning of his journey, he directed a laboratory that was engaged in the repair of television and radio transmitters. Then he worked as deputy chief of the formed service for repair and prevention. A.G. Volkov was engaged in the modernization and repair of transmitters, as well as scientific work: he wrote scientific articles, participated in the development of some blocks for the equipment of transmitters. Such employees are the backbone of the collective of Ostankino TV tower. Sharing their experience and directing all efforts in the common cause, they help to develop and reach new heights. The collective of Ostankino TV tower solemnly congratulated Anatoly Grigorievich and presented memorable gifts!