RUNUP to the Ostankino TV tower

Our whole life goes on in a furious rhythm. Sometimes it looks like a long-distance race - it's a test of courage, perseverance, endurance. And there is nothing surprising in that it is running as a sport that is popular all over the world. This year, eminent athletes from all over the world will conquer the Ostankino TV tower to become the winner of the race, the first in the 21st century! Races for high-rise buildings are one of the most physically challenging competitions. Not every professional athlete can achieve high results in vertical running. Athletes should be very hardy and be able to correctly distribute forces over the distance and without special training here can not do. The first historically documented race to the tower took place in 1905 at the Eiffel Tower, and in 2017, 292 races took place in more than 30 countries. On the Ostankino television tower, the participants of the test are waiting for a steep staircase consisting of short spans, rushing upwards and complete absence of natural light from the moment of the beginning of the race until its very end: when the participants, having overcome the entire distance consisting of 1704 steps, will be on the viewing platform, 337 meters. Watch our news to avoid missing this bright sporting event!
ПОЛОЖЕНИЕ о проведении Мероприятия «Забег на Останкинскую телебашню 2018»