Ostankino TV Tower Heads for Wintering!

Yesterday, on the 26th of September, Ostankino TV Tower had participated in the large-scale event in the industry "EventRevolution. Wintering!" This year, similar conference event was already held for the fifth time at a very popular place among Moscow residents. The initiator is the largest information portal PartyInfo.Ru unifying the event-driven companies, eventerers, and platforms, specialists in HR and PR domains, professional mass media agencies, artists, counteragents, and clients.  The event was held in two stages: business part with business conference covering the most relevant issues of the future season, and entertainment part presenting event-driven, catering innovations, new platforms, artists and counteragents.

Over 1500 specialists and professionals were entitled to communicate, to present their ideas, to acknowledge with new trends of event-driven industry and to participate in extraordinary interactive evening program of the event.

An extraordinary approach to organization of the event was the explicit merit of the event initiators. Extra creativity building an informal, well-disposed, and intriguing atmosphere had promoted open and easy communication and new acquaintances.

In fact, in terms of the scale, representation, and creativity, the event could be named the main affair of the event industry prior to commencement of the new season.