Today is the World Tourism Day!

Dear Sir and Madam, and Colleagues,

Today, on the 27th of September, world public celebrates the World Tourism Day approved by the General Assembly of the Global Tourist Organization in 1979.

The higher purpose of this holiday is propaganda of tourism, presentation of its contribution to economics of the global community, development of relations between nations of various countries and continents. The event is held in many countries with meeting of tourists, holiday events, and colorful festivals. Slogan of the holiday of 2012 is Tourism and Stable Energy!

One cannot pass over the significant contribution of the personnel of the complex of Ostankino TV Tower and, in particular, contribution of officers of the service for organization and development of commercial projects of “Korolevsky” Concert Hall and entertainment complex in development and propaganda of the tourist activity in the capital city and other regions of our country, in general. Recently, the world’s first similar tall structure noted by its beauty of engineering thought, proportion of architectural lines, and faultless functionality rapidly returns its leading positions in the tourist services domain and becomes the most advanced multiple purpose cultural and entertainment center.
Staff of Ostankino TV Tower expresses its gratitude to the Government of Moscow for the congratulations!