Members of the Ostankino TV Tower’s team took part in conference, which was initiated to the development of Russian-Chinese relations, in Moscow, North-East district

In 2019, a modern Chinese business center, «Park Huamin», is opening in North-East district. During the round table on cooperation between prefecture of the district and the Park Huamin Center, Aleksey Belyaev (NEAD prefect) was discovered Park Huamin is organically absorbed into the cultural space of NEAD. In the discussion took part the chairman of Moscow City Duma Alexey Shaposhnikov, members of VDNKh Administration, Tsitsin’s Main Botanical Garden, the Ostankino TV Tower and Natalya Pochinok, rector of Russian State Social University. "In the Ostankino district there are institutions and enterprises that are the hallmark of Moscow and all of Russia: VDNKh, Botanical Garden, Ostankino TV Tower, and the largest social university in the country - RSSU. Now their neighbor has become the business center «Huamin» with Chinese cultural park. At the same time, there are no fences between the territories: for citizens and guests of the capital, this is a unique public space”, the head of the district noted. In turn, member of Chinese international investment corporation «Huamin» Li Zheng said center «Huamin» wanted to make a real contribution to the development of the district. “On the territory of our business center and park, we are planning to make tours, lectures about Chinese art and traditions, present some health practices for all residents of the North-East Administrative District. In addition, we hope to ensure the flow of Chinese tourists to the Ostankino TV Tower, VDNKh and the Botanical Garden”, he added. The Ostankino TV Tower is also developing tourism programs, including for guests from China.