Sergey Krikalev: “Ostankino TV Tower is visible from space”

Press conference with the legendary astronaut, Sergey Krikalev, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Russian Federation, took place on Sunday, the 14th of April.

The event attributable to celebration of the Space Exploration Date was arranged at the highest level. Sergey Krikalev had presented exhibition of photographs from the Space called “the Art of Creator”. Shots were made at height of over 360 km above the Earth and are enabling visitors to enjoy the entire beauty of our round world. “3D photos” technology makes the exhibition absolutely unique and with no analogues in the world. The exhibition is also notable by its extraordinary venue, the Ostankino TV Tower, being the tallest structure in Europe.

Sergey Krikalev had willingly responded to all questions of journalists, which were mainly interested in technology of shooting from the Space, as well as the insight of the capital city of Russia from the space. “Moscow looks great from the space, especially at night due to its lighting”, - responded the known astronaut, – “Ostankino Pond and Television Tower are especially seen”.

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