Ostankino Tower at Fair of Event-related and Youth Travel - "Russian open EventExpo"

Ostankino Tower actively participates in development of the touristic business of Moscow city. Being modern cultural and excursion complex, Ostankino Tower pays special attention to support of event-driven tourism as the most interesting and relevant direction, that is rapidly developing in our country, so much so that the cultural and excursion complex of the television tower has all necessary resources for development of event-driven tourism.
All-Russian Open Fair of Event-Driven and Youth Tourism "RussianopenEventExpo" would be held from 16-18th of May 2013 at the Exhibition Center “Gostiniy Dvor”. Event initiators are the Department of Tourism and Regional Policy of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, the Committee of Tourism and Hotel Industry of Moscow city, Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization “Moscow Directorate of Festival and Concert Projects of Original Song “Stol’ny Grad”. The fair would be held under the support of the Government of Moscow city, Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation, Public Chamber of the Russian Federation and Public Chamber of the Central Federal District. Fair would be held in form of exhibition and interactive presentation of the projects at topical platforms under the relevant nominations. Solemn ceremony with awarding of winners of All-Russian Competition in event-driven field would take place based on fair results.

Ostankino Tower presents three innovation projects in the event-driven tourism field. Two projects were presented in the nomination “Event Space”: observation desk of Ostankino Tower to be provided for conduction of presentations and other events and Open-air territory located at foot of the television tower and to be provided as a platform for conduction of various events. New excursion route to television tower, which would be launched in the nearest future, technical excursion “Iznutri 85”, which would acknowledge the tourists with technical components of the television tower, would be presented in the nomination “Innovative Event-Driven Project”. According to Fair initiators, Ostankino Tower has all chances to take the leading positions in the All-Russia Competition.