Opening of the project works exhibition of Stroganov Academy

Exhibition of design works of students Stroganov Moscow State Academy of Arts and Industry, opened today in Ostankino Concert Hall.
This is a really special event - up to this point, such works have not been exhibited anywhere. For the general public there will be presented projects by Environmental Design department.

Name of the exhibition speaks for itself - «Environment. A promising concept for development of urban design- an innovative development of familiar urban space».

Visitors will be able to see projects on event design, propedeutics (basis of composition), development of office spaces and much more.
Also at the event an agreement of cooperation between Stroganov Academy and the Ostankino tower was signed. Stroganov Academy students will be able to change interior of the tower by developing design projects for lobby of the tower, observation deck (337 m) and 7 Sky Restaurant Complex.

The exhibition will be held at Ac. Korolev st., 15, b. 2, Ostankino Concert Hall, in accordance with schedule. Entry for visitors is free.