Ostankino Tower: Moscow - London

June 13, 2013 is noted by the unique tour “Ostankino Tower: Moscow – London” to sights of Moscow city on a red twin-deck bus within the scope of "HopOnHopOff" project, which is already a symbol of European, particularly, English tourism, and a newborn symbol of the conceptual tourism in Moscow city along with Ostankino Tower. Main object of the excursion program was Ostankino Tower, the tallest structure in Europe. Guests were invited to mark of 85 meters and observation decks at height of 337 and 340 meters. Tour “Ostankino Tower: Moscow – London” is a modern PR action of Ostankino Tower and "HoponHopoff" Project with participation of partners of Ostankino Tower and representatives of Mass Media agencies. The event is attributed to beginning of the partnership relations between the companies within the scope of new excursion system of Moscow city, which recently undergoes significant changes and strives to the highest European level.