Irina Slutskaya had brought the Olympic Flame to the observation deck of Ostankino Tower

A number of events devoted to the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi 2014, particularly, to relay of the Olympic Flame, took place on October 9, 2013 at Ostankino Tower. On October 9, the lamp with Olympic Flame, which would be delivered throughout Russia and which was solemnly delivered at the observation desk of Ostankino Tower at height of 337 meters, would find itself at the bottom of Baykal and would even go to Space. Irina Slutskaya, the Ambassador of “Sochi-2014", two-fold winner of Olympic Games, twofold world champion, had delivered the lamp with flame at the observation desk of Ostankino Tower, being the tallest structure in Europe. Child’s musical band “Domisol’ka” had performed hymn of the Olympic Games in Sochi and Hymn of Russia.

“Perhaps, that which happens is a history already. We would hand it over from generation to generation, to our children. Now, we already feel like we are a part of this history", - had admitted Irina Slutskaya to the journalists. Besides “Ambassadors of Sochi-2014”, representatives of the Organizing Committee “Sochi-2014", nearly 50 representatives of the leading Russian Mass Media agencies were present at the observation desk.

This day, tours to Ostankino Tower are devoted to the Olympic Games, traditions of the Olympic Relay Race, and development of sports in our country. All day long, visitors would be accompanied by the Olympic symbolic and history of the Olympic Games.