Ostankino TV Tower opens festival “Krug Sveta” (Circle of Light)

On October 10, solemn opening ceremony of the annual lighting festival “Krug Sveta” was held at Ostankino Pond. 

Mayor of Moscow city, Sergey Sobyanin, opened the festival. Concept of the show “Around the world for 60 minutes” presupposed immersion of all visitors in the atmosphere and culture of various countries of the world: the most known television towers of the world came to "visit” Ostankino Tower “to celebrate” the main heroine of the show with the new outfit, new architectural lighting, and the highest media façade in Moscow city.

Vivid music, colorful dresses of the performing artists, floating lighting installations, live broadcasts from Japan, France, Australia, USA, and China, water and fire fireworks had astonished viewers, thousands of which had gathered at Ostankino Pond.

Dominant element of the evening was the highest structure in Europe, Ostankino Tower, at which such large number of modern technologies were used for the first time.

With the use of lighting and laser projections, as well as the newest technology, media façade, TV Tower had transformed itself into all known towers of the world, of which Eifel, Tokyo, Sidney, and other.

The show was terminated by the incredible fireworks, which in terms of beauty and scale had exceeded not all the expectations, but all salutes, which could ever been previously seen by Moscow residents and guests.

Thousands of shots made both from the earth and from six technical balconies at different points of Ostankino Tower became the best termination of the festival. Festival “Circle of Light” is to be held until October 14, show “around the world for 60 minutes” could be daily seen at Ostankino Pond.