Ostankino TV Tower was presented as the leading sight in the center of Moscow city


Tourist information center (TIC) had appeared at the territory of Bolotnaya Square, where thousands of tourists walk daily. Mobile TIC was installed for the convenience of tourists, which may obtain information on sightseeing of Moscow city and may purchase coupons for tickets to visit Ostankino TV Tower.

Ostankino TV Tower was presented at TIC as one of the leading sights of the capital city, which is recommended for visiting. Main skyscraper of Moscow city offers specially developed programs for various tourist categories:

  • Program for romantic persons “Shine, metropolis!” (evening sessions from 21.00 and 22.00 o’clock),
  • School program – 337 answer quest,
  • Thematic excursion programs devoted to holiday dates,
  • Special programs for meeting of foreign tourists.
Modern cultural and excursion complex of Ostankino TV Tower demonstrates high development trends. Ostankino TV Tower is daily visited by over 1 000 persons.