Ostankino TV Tower: Space Expedition

On April 11 and 12, special program devoted to Global Day of Aviation and Cosmonautics is offered to all our visitors: You may meet real astronauts at the highest observation deck in Europe, you may learn how Soviet astronauts had conquered space, you may be offered with thematic audio tours, you may see star town from the bird’s eye view, and you may travel at cosmic points of the capital city.

Those who are interested would be offered with a unique opportunity to participate in the “Star Lottery” and win tickets to the Museum of Cosmonautics, gift certificates to online view of the best movies about the space, as well as sweet prizes. The most active participants could obtain invitations to flight at airtube in the Sports and Entertainment Complex ”Free Flight”.

Promptly after thematic expedition and walk at the height of 337 meters, visitors may take part in auction “Take impressions with you” and depict their photos with the use of photographic kiosk installed at the observation deck.

In TV bar of Ostankino TV Tower we would be glad to offer you “Space Juices”.