Ostankino Tower in AR mode

For using a new technology in mobile app "Discover Moscow", you should be in the tower's area. You need to enter into unit named "Buildings", then choose the Ostankino TV Tower and click the AR sign. After that you need to induce phone's camera at the tower. The tower must be displayed on your screen completely. The Ostankino Tower became the first building that you can explore such way.

Technology of digital vision allow us to see The 2014 Circle of Light Moscow International Festival, some facts about flag mounting in 2009, tower runnings to the attitude of 337 meters, The Moscow Base Open Air festival, which took place in 2004 and, at least, the Olympic Bear - symbol of the 1980s Summer Olympics.

You can discover the tower's history and our past events on the special Moscow Mayor's portal page "Discover Moscow" without necessity to leave your home.