XXX Annual conference of World Federation of Great Towers was held in Moscow.

XXX conference of World Federation of Great Towers is officially finished in Moscow. Federation consists of many famous towers worldwide- Eifel Tower(France), Empire State Building (USA), The highest building in the world Burj Khalifa (UAE), CN Tower(Canada), etc. This time there were 46 delegates from all over the world attended on the conference. 

Traditionally the conference was opened by World Federation of Great Towers executive director, Daniel Thomas. He wished everyone successful conference.

General director of “Russian television and radio broadcasting network” Andrey Romanchenko welcomed all the guests and claimed that he is pleased to see that the vast majority of towers worldwide are somehow connected with broadcasting sphere.

General director of “Moscow Regional center” Dmitry Nazarov presented recent changes, implemented on the Ostankino TV tower. He talked about annual attendance on the tower as well as mentioned that this year the legendary “7th Heaven” restaurant is again opened. Furthermore Dmitry Nazarov paid audience attention to brand new tourist services. This year new technical tourist route was launched. Finally aiming on cross-promotion and service development within the framework of Federation he acted out with list of ideas to realize. Some of them caused active discussions among the delegates. 

During working sessions conference participants were discussing questions connected with use of new technologies on high buildings, digital trends influencing tourist sphere and security services. What is more rise in the amount of visitors was discussed broadly. During one of the working sessions new executive director of the World Federation of Great Towers was chosen. It was Chrisine Aue, director of Berlin Tower.

On September 22nd official closing ceremony was held in “Yar” restaurant. Guests got acquainted with Russian traditions and history, even learned some phrases and words on Russian language. Empire State Building observatory director Jean Eve Ghasi unpredictably managed to speak it very fluently. 

On September 23rd “circle of light” festival was opened on the Ostankino pond. All the delegates were invited to visit the opening ceremony and watch Ostankino TV tower visually changed its image. Delegates were very impressed by bright and colorful fireworks. “I have never seen anything of this kind before. Russians can surprise and astonish. In a positive way” David Mitchel, Auckland Sky Tower representative shared his opinion about the festival.

World Federation of Great Towers was established in 1989. Ostankino TV tower is one of its founders. Today there are 54 high buildings from 22 countries registered in the World Federation of Great Towers. Main goals are – partnership, experiences, ideas and management techniques exchange.

This year Ostankino TV tower is celebrating its 50th anniversary, that is why the choice to hold the conference of World Federation of Great Towers 2017 in Moscow was made. Ostankino TV tower was first to hold conference for the third time. Previous conferences took place in 1995 and 2008. Mexico was chosen to host the conference next year.