Ostankino TV tower is preparing for its 50th anniversary


Ostankino TV tower is preparing for a great event: On November 5th 1967 Moscow dwellers watched the first TV program that was broadcasted from the TV tower. Exactly that day is considered to be tower’s birthday. Deputy director of Moscow Regional Center Nikolay Kuzmichev shared some information about our preparations.  

All the towers will be our guests.

- Nikolay, what events are planned to be organized in honor of Ostankino TV tower 50th anniversary.

- We are now actively preparing for the 30th annual conference of World Federation of Great Towers. It was established in 1989 and Ostankino TV tower was one of the founders. Federation unites skyscrapers, developing in sphere of tower tourism. When opened it consisted of 4 towers. Nowadays by contrast there 54 towers registered. It is the third time for us to host the conference. We will exchange our experiences and discuss security issues. “Circle of light” festival is likely to be connected with conference. 

-By the way, talking about security service, Have security regulations restricted recently?

Yes, our security service is often compared to airports system. It is very strict. Nevertheless, it does not surprise me, anyway Ostankino TV tower is regime object. 

Rest zone nearby.

- Due to 50th anniversary will any changes be made to the territory near the Ostankino TV tower?

- Of course! We intend to make Ostankino TV tower attractive for citizens not only externally. We are planning to make territory be like rest zone. Install new benches, open summer café with affordable price, construct playground for children. We have a great desire to make it much more convenient and comfortable for families.

-Are there any changes planned inside the tower?

- There are a lot of plans concerning inside part of Ostankino TV tower. We ought to make it more interesting for our guests. Ostankino TV tower is a unique object with its own rich history. All the day there are working processes realized in the tower. We want to make combine tourism and technologies and make it available for visitors by developing very interesting multimedia complex.

Restaurant is again rotating.

- At the end of previous year your “7th Heaven” restaurant is again opened after a long period of renovating.

- Yes, our restaurant is located on 3 levels. We managed to recover unique technology of rotating floors at all levels. It takes 40 minutes to make one full turnover; guests have an opportunity to try delicious Russian cuisine.