Children's learning excursion "About the high and not only"

The new excursion program allows you to expand children's ideas about structure of the building, as well as understand the main technical features of the tower. It is carried out in interactive format with using stickers for memorizing material, and is also accompanied by acquaintance with interesting facts about the animal world, in particular about the highest land animal!

Giraffes connect with the Ostankino Tower much more than you could imagine. The structural features are similar: a 360-degree view, attraction of lightning, a similar allocation of gravity center, and the giraffe spends almost its entire life on its feet. Plasticity of the tower, like muscles, is supported by steel ropes, and giraffes have surprisingly flexible necks due to the elongated vertebrae shape.

Children will learn about many other interesting facts during an educational tour in 50 minutes. Journey begins in the lobby, in historical part of the tower, and ends on observation deck. Here the children will be awarded with special certificates and memorable prizes.