Festival of Children’s Television “Join In!”Festival of Children’s Television “Join In!”

Today, the 5th festival of Children’s Television “Join in!” had started its operation in Concert Hall "Korolevsky", of Moscow Regional Center. For the first time, the festival was organized 5 years ago by the National Association of Television and Radio Broadcasters aimed at attraction of attention to production of programs adopted for children and at realization of the creative potential of children and youth. Since then, it is annually held.


Tricolored Flag over Ostankino TV Tower

Nowadays in Russia, flagstaff of Ostankino TV Tower discloses symbol of the state flag. Flag Disclosure Decree was issued by the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, Igor Shchegolev. General Director of the Russian Television and Radio Broadcasting Network (“RTRN”), Aleksey Malinin, and a honorable guest, astronaut Viktor Gorbatko, gave their speech at solemn ceremony confined to such a notable event.


Observation Deck of Ostankino TV Tower is Open for Tours

Dear Sir or Madam, We are pleased to inform you that after the long-time restoration works, Ostankino Tower renews its tours to the observation deck.


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